Why Birdy Bikes are best in the Market

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The folding bike market is growing and upgrading as time passes by, and new technological advancements are being infused into the bikes. Among the many brands, Birdy stands out with its wide range of bikes and high-quality materials. They are mobile, easy to keep clean and foldable, and a good partner that can go with you everywhere. It can be compressed and kept safely indoors, like in your room, wardrobe, office cubical, or in public transport vehicles. Let’s have a look at some of the best reasons to own a Birdie bike:

  • Ease of Folding: The easiness of folding and unfolding is a crucial factor to look at while buying any foldable bike. Birdy bikes are quick to fold and unfold, which makes them quick to ride and get inside. Some models take just 15 seconds to unfold which makes Birdy a very reliable bike.
  • Popular Brand: When you get into a Birdy store, you will realize that you are getting a bike from a professional and top-class brand. Birdy has been in business for about 30 years and knows the market and customer demands very well. It’s very popular among youngsters, and the brand gets designs for foldable bikes from a German company called Riese and Müller.
  • Range of Models: Birdy bike models

    have a wide variety of products. Currently, they provide 21 bike models, and they also provide bike bags, covers, seats, tyres, carriers, and other accessories.
  • Strong Material Make: The frame of the bike is the core part which connects the whole bike and is the centre of the folding process. The robustness of the bike is defined by the material of its mainframe.
  • Suspensions: They are responsible for taking up the pressure from the path and making the ride comfortable. When you go for long bike rides, the suspension is a crucial part as it doesn’t allow shocks to affect the handle. Birdy bikes have dual suspension, which allows for comfortable rides.
  • Take it anywhere: The Birdy folding bikes’ framework allows them to function like a regular bicycle, with the facility of folding them from the joints. They can be kept easily on a shelf, in a room’s corner or beneath a table, perfect for small spaces. They can also be put inside the boot space of the car.
  • Display: The robust body of Birdy bikes makes them stand out in the competition. The shiny aluminium body frame gives them an elegant look. The usual bicycles have a hinge in the middle, which decreases the drive quality. Birdy has a frame without any hinges, which makes the bike sturdier.
  • Speed management: The Birdy bikes start their speeds with 8 in the New Classic model, where 8 refer to the gears in the bike to manage the pace. The dual suspension and robust frame of these bikes allow you to have great control while riding on different paths and at speeds as per your convenience and traffic. The maximum Birdy bikes have is 24 speeds, which comes in the model Touring Plus. Pick your bike as per your purpose and the paths where you plan to go for rides.


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