The Swamp Thing NFT is the coolest thing to collect in 2022

Fungy, a brand-new NFT marketplace, finds great pleasure in announcing the release of Swamp Thing NFT exclusively on their licensed merch platform. A short while ago, the news of Valiant Eagle Inc, the parent company of Fungy, purchasing full rights to the most iconic movie of all time, the Wes Craven classic, Swamp Thing, sent waves of excitement among fans across the globe. In the wake of the announcement on their Instagram page, fans are awaiting the release of their favorite comic character.

The Singularity of Swamp Things (1982):

The moment of the greatness of Swamp Thing came when the bard of horror Wes Craven decided to adapt the eponymous DC Comics character of Swamp Thing in his 1982 titular movie. He went umpteen steps ahead of his contemporaries by shooting the scenes at actual swamp locations in the fierce hot, and humid summers of South Carolina.

Even though the movie missed to make a mark at the box office, the fondness of this DC superhero character remained unfazed among its readers. DC went on to relaunch the character of Swamp Thing with another title, The Saga of Swamp Thing, which turned into the film, The Return of Swamp Thing (1989).

Despite the monetary setback at the box office, Craven launched a horror revolution with this movie. He brought the gothic and psychedelic elements to the movie characters, genre, and overall theme.

What Swamp Thing lacked in its aesthetics makes up for it in the humor department. It extensively flashes witty and charming hilarity in tense moments of seriousness.

The Character of Swamp Thing:

The world of a genius scientist Dr. Alec Holland changes forever after he accidentally splashes a secret formula on himself which turns him into a swamp monster. Initially afraid and enraged, Swamp Thing begins to accept the situation and understand his superhuman powers while saving the secret formula from reaching the wrong hands.

Being a creature that emerged out of a swamp, Swamp Thing can absorb and control all the plant life present on this planet. His character can grow a range of vegetative bodies from the tiniest of the buds into a part of nature belonging to every branch of the plant kingdom, from mildew fungus to towering forests. He is a gritty monster and a savior of humankind and nature.

The superheroic streaks of the Swamp Thing profoundly appeal to the psych of its readers and followers. Regardless of the trauma, he develops a deep and personal bridge between the two sides of his monstrous and human personality. He manages to defuse the distressing situation with a snappy wisecrack. His rational interpretations help him solve the problems of the world.

The Meaning Behind the Popularity and the Opportunities Ahead:

Craven’s Swamp Thing is an exceptional adaptation of a well-known superhero character. The fans enjoy seeing their favorite superhero adapted to TV shows, animated shows, and live-action movies. The expert direction of Wes Craven distinguishes it from the other adaptations. The music was composed by the music director and composer Harry Manfredini as he later became more celebrated for his music in the Friday the 13th movie series.

Before the string of adaptations of DC comics into TV series and movies won the hearts of die-hard fans and critics, Swamp Things as a superhuman character was already famous. The aim of releasing digital assets of a notable film like Swamp things (1982) is to provide real-life NFT opportunities to movie buffs.

Upon registering through the link on the website, you join a unique group of the first 1000 Fungy pioneers gaining access to their enormous library of films, including the Wes Craven Swamp Thing NFT collection. As a result, the Swamp Thing comic and movie fans now have the opportunity to own a piece of art that will forever immortalize their love for the shows. The collection size is limited to 2,000, so make sure you get yours first!

In Closing:

Being a state-of-the-art marketplace for NFTs, Fungy is a leading platform for emerging and established artists, collectors, and investors of the future world. With the release of limited edition assortments of digital collectibles, Fungy looks forward to filling the gap in the NFT marketplace for high-quality original tokens.

Founded in 2007, Valiant Eagle Inc enlivens in incorporating technology into celebrity entertainment, social media, and television communications for millennials. As a first step towards building a valued community of fellow media enthusiasts, they provide premier access and exclusive merchandise to the fans of the horror icon Swamp Thing.

Even 40 years after its premiere on the big screen, Swamp Thing remains one of those trippy movies considered a hidden treasure and a guilty pleasure. The love this comic character receives from its readers further proves the importance of the existence of spirited swampy monsters, who is a savior of all the plant lives on the planet.

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