Surface Duo 2 is still alive — Microsoft to ‘update and innovate’

Microsoft Surface buzz is in the air after the company announced a Microsoft event is taking place on October 12. Many are expecting a new Surface Pro X, Surface Pro 9, and possibly even a Surface Gaming Laptop. But what if there’s also an update coming to its dwindling Surface Duo 2?

Spoken to by Windows Central, Microsoft is not discontinuing the Surface Duo 2, claiming that supply constraints are the leading cause of its scarce availability in multiple outlets. In fact, it will continue to “update and to innovate on this form factor.”

“We are experiencing supply constraints that are impacting stock of Surface Duo 2 units. The product is not being discontinued,” Microsoft said in the statement. “We continue to update and to innovate on this form factor and are excited by customer interest.”

Previous reports indicate that retailers such as Best Buy had taken down Surface Duo 2 kiosks as there was no inventory, while no longer had any stock. It was believed that Microsoft’s foldable was being discontinued, but the company has now put that rumor to rest. 

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However, this statement alludes to new updates set to arrive on both the Surface Duo 2 and first Surface Duo, along with the potential for another model to be in the works. With a new Microsoft event taking place in October, it isn’t out of the realm of possibility. What’s more, these “supply constraints” could be making room for a new device instead. 

New Surface Duo on the horizon? 

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