SocialEmpire Review: Should You Trust it?

Whether you are a digital content creator or the owner of a brand or business, your reach on social media has a high impact on your value. It impacts the reach of your content, the audience you attract, and whether you invite collaborators to work with you. 

And of course, the revenue you make depends on your social media reach too. There is a high amount of competition on Instagram, YouTube, and other social media sites. Due to this, it’s no surprise that digital content creators and brands need help with boosting their social media engagement. Our SocialEmpire review might give you a better picture of how reliable the platform is. 

SocialEmpire is a popular online platform that provides a very useful service for boosting your social media engagement. They specialize in boosting content for three social media platforms – Instagram, Youtube, and Soundcloud. 

These “engagement boosts” come in the form of increased views, follower counts, subscribers, streams, and so on. But is SocialEmpire a safe and trustworthy platform? Let’s find out. 


Growing your social media engagement through followers, likes, and subscribers naturally can take a very long time. It is not an easy task. The added pressure and high level of competition for digital content creators make it stressful. For digital creators on social media platforms like Instagram, video creators on Youtube, and musicians on Soundcloud, it is hard not to explore these options. That is why platforms like SocialEmpire are so popular. Although it is not a very ethical practice, it is obvious that the benefits are too good to pass on. SocialEmpire reviews online seem to agree. 

Platforms like SocialEmpire help your social media reach and online presence look more popular and trending to your own audience. It can help you make casual viewers become part of your regular audience. It can also help you invite collaborators, and make other brands interested in your page. This directly helps you with increasing your revenue, and your reach as a brand or a digital content creator. SocialEmpire specializes in boosting engagement for Instagram, Youtube, and Soundcloud.

How does SocialEmpire help?

If you are a digital content creator, owner of a business, or a brand, Instagram is probably your platform of choice. SocialEmpire can help you boost likes, views and auto likes on posts, reels, IGTV videos, etc. and get you the engagement you want. You can also purchase followers to boost your reach.

For Youtube video creators, SocialEmpire can help with boosting subscription counts, video views, likes, comments, etc. for attractive prices. They also offer similar services for Soundcloud users, so if you are a musician, you can buy plays, likes, comments, engagement,  and shares.

The company claims that limiting its services to only three social media platforms helps them stay more focused on its main targets and means they are more reliable. By focusing on these main social media platforms as targets, they say they provide better quality services with high success rates. Several SocialEmpire reviews online also say that this helps with better quality engagement.

How to use SocialEmpire?

The process is fairly simple, and SocialEmpire reviews agree. You simply have to choose the plan or package you are interested in, provide the necessary details, and pay using one of their safe payment methods. Your campaign will be started in their specified time frame.

Their charges seem pretty standard but are slightly more expensive as compared to other similar platforms for boosting content engagement. 100 Instagram followers start at 2.50 USD. The price range is the same for Instagram likes. 1000 Youtube views start at 8.50 USD, and the charges are the same for Youtube likes as well.

Soundcloud plays are much cheaper, starting at 2,50 USD for 500 plays, but Soundcloud followers are higher. Plans start at 5.50 USD for 100 followers. Their main method of payment is through credit or debit cards, which auto-convert to USD. They currently don’t accept Paypal or other methods of payment. 

SocialEmpire Review

SocialEmpire claims to use optimized marketing methods through its extensive network to promote your social media page and content. Here are the methods they advertise:

  • Social media marketing: promoting your content or posts through their social media
  • Premium networks: tapping into their network of over 5 million users
  • Sponsored placements: using over 600 web partners for promoting your content
  • Influencer marketing: using influencer contacts to help boost your engagement

While these marketing methods sound great, there is no way to verify them, and some of them sound too good to be true. Having over 5 million network users seems highly unlikely, and using influencers to promote your content is also unlikely as you cannot see this happen.

The plans that they offer are supposed to be based on a certain set number of followers or likes that you purchase, it doesn’t add up. How could they ensure a set number of likes or follows? Unfortunately, there are many negative SocialEmpire reviews that highlight this same issue. Setting high standards are good but only if you can follow up on them. 

SocialEmpire Pros:

  • Boosting your content engagement

Content promotion tools which are offered by SocialEmpire can help your audience reach and content engagement grow and expand. This is very useful for digital content creators and brands looking to grow their online presence.

  • Helps to legitimize the online presence

Your brand’s or content’s value is taken more seriously by using platforms like SocialEmpire to boost your online presence, y. This results in higher audience reach, collaborations, and higher revenue for you.

  • Effective marketing and promotion

Using verified sources for marketing and boosting engagement on your content, SocialEmpire  can help you grow your platform online and claims to use its extensive network to help with that goal. They claim to provide better and premium quality services, which justified their higher price ranges. A refill guarantee is provided by SocialEmpire, according to which they automatically refill the number of dropped likes or followers, to ensure you get what you pay for. 

SocialEmpire Cons:

Platforms like SocialEmpire offer these services because of how much demand there is, and because of the high competition on social media platforms. However, purchasing likes and followers are considered to be an unethical practice. It is also against the terms of usage of Instagram, Soundcloud, and Youtube.

Unfortunately, platforms like SocialEmpire use bots to provide a lot of likes and comments. These accounts are not run by actual people, but by auto-run bots. Due to this, spamming is possible and is also not useful to have as a part of your audience. Most negative reviews online of SocialEmpire complain of the same thing, that a majority of the followers provided to them are bot accounts. This harms their account’s status.

  • Risk of getting banned or blocked

You could be in violation of the terms of service of Instagram, Youtube, and Soundcloud by using platforms like SocialEmpire. Your account can get flagged for suspicious activity. Your account can get banned and/or flagged for violating terms of service, as a result.

Alternatives:- provides quality social media engagement and marketing management services. You can buy followers, likes, subscribers, views, retweets etc. on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. If you are a musician or singer, you can also purchase Soundcloud or Spotify plays, streams, and subscribers. Its pricing module is also cheaper as compared to SocialEmpire.

socialpros - Socialempire Review

Socialpros is another popular alternative to SocialEmpire. They offer social media engagement boost services for an extensive list of social media sites and platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube, Tiktok, Twitch, and even Clubhouse. The pricing plans are divided into regular and premium followers, and both options are higher than average, as compared to competitors. 


With seemingly good services that can’t be verified, SocialEmpire is popular but slightly expensive, as compared to other similar platforms online. However, Trustpilot, a popular rating website, has rated it only 2.2 points. Several review websites have posted negative Socialempire reviews as well.

This is a bad sign. On their website, SocialEmpire reviews are very positive, but on other sources online, all of them are scathing and very negative. While it is your call, we would recommend you to e weary of using SocialEmpire and be wise in choosing your plans. 

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