ROHM Semiconductor BU27006MUC-Z Digital Color Sensor ICs

ROHM Semiconductor BU27006MUC-Z Digital Color Sensor ICs sense Red, Green, Blue (RGB), and Infrared and converts them to digital values. The high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, and excellent IR cut characteristics make it possible to obtain the accurate illuminance and color temperature of ambient light. It is also possible to detect flicker light noise of display and room lighting. It is ideal for adjusting LCD backlight of TV, mobile phone, and tablet PC.


  • RGB/IR + flicker detection
  • Built-in IR cut filter
  • Rejecting 50Hz/60Hz light noise for the color sensor
  • I2C Bus interface (f/s mode support)
  • Correspond to 1.8V logic interface
  • LUX resolution 0.015lx/count (Typ) in the color sensor (in the highest gain and the longest measurement time setting)
  • Sampling frequency 1kHz/2kHz is selectable in flicker sensor

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