Overwatch 2 review: The nightmare sequel that ruined my favorite competitive shooter

Overwatch 2 is a shadow of the game I once loved. Returning after three years of radio silence, Blizzard Entertainment has brought my favorite competitive shooter back to life. But the monkey’s paw curls, and as a result, this resurrection has gone awry. The Overwatch we knew is no longer recognizable. Worst of all, the original game is not accessible, and in its place is an abhorrent monstrosity. 

Blizzard Entertainment has committed every manner of sin with this sequel. There’s minimal additional content, and while the balance changes make the game feel a little better, there’s nothing here I wouldn’t expect from a patch. Most unbearable though are the predatory microtransactions. Sure, these are expected of any free-to-play game, but they’re awful evolutions on how the original Overwatch handled things. And finally, this sequel tops off with a slew of ridiculous progression and quality of life changes that make it hard to hold out hope for its future.

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