Overwatch 2 launch problems: DDoS attacks, missing heroes and more

Overwatch 2’s launch problems abound! The highly-anticipated game’s release has been an undeniable mess, with many players having trouble accessing the game. Blizzard Entertainment is suffering at the hands of multiple DDoS attacks, which is likely why it’s so difficult to get into.

However, these issues go beyond waiting in an eternal queue time, and some are even intrinsically linked to controversial features that make Overwatch 2 different from its predecessor.

Overwatch 2 log-in issues

If you try to launch Overwatch 2 right now, there’s a good chance you won’t get in. Many users have been suffering a bug that shows them within a certain place in the queue, and when they get close to finally making it to the top of that queue, they’re abruptly pushed back thousands of spots in that queue. There’s a chance you actually will get in, but from the many times I’ve tried to launch the game, I’ve only managed to get past the log-in screen once. People are starting to believe the queue is either completely bugged or just doesn’t mean anything.

(Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Another Overwatch 2 bug is that players are getting abruptly disconnected while in game. Even if they’re playing in the middle of a match, they’ll be completely booted back to the log-in screen and there’s nothing they can do about it. This is likely directly related to Blizzard Entertainment’s DDoS issue, as the company’s servers are being attacked by hackers at the moment.

Overwatch 2 missing heroes and currency

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