Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak launches June 30 on Nintendo Switch

Capcom held a Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak digital event today, revealing exciting new details on the “massive expansion” coming to Nintendo Switch. The DLC is set to launch on June 30, with pre-orders starting today.

For players who are interested in Monster Hunter Rise but can’t dish out $60, a trial version of the game is available exclusively for Nintendo Switch Online members until March 17 at midnight PST. And if you decide you’re interested in the game, Monster Hunter Rise is currently $20 off on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak features new areas inspired by gothic and European architecture, boasting massive castles alongside forest thickets and snowy mountains. Elgado, the expansion’s new hub, seems like an outpost straight out of western high fantasy.

(Image credit: Capcom)

Garangolm, Lunagaron, and elder dragon Malzano are the largest threats to this newfound kingdom. These are the “Three Lords,” and players must work with the Knights of the Royal Order to defeat each one of them. Pre-ordering the expansion provides the “Striped Cat Costume” and “Loyal Dog Costume,” both of which might be available after launch anyway. 

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