Microsoft Surface October event live blog: Surface Pro 9, Surface Laptop 5, and more expected


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The Surface Laptop Studio was (and still is) a hit last year, featuring an innovative hinge and powerful specs. While we’d like to see an update, there haven’t been many rumors of Microsoft gearing up to launch a refreshed model.

However, that isn’t to say we won’t get something Studio related. Rumor has it the Surface Studio 2 is due for an update, which makes sense seeing how it was released back in 2018. One previous rumor states (via Techradar) that a Studio 3 is in the works, but stated it would come with an 11th Gen Intel processor. We’re not too sure about that, seeing as 12th Gen Intel is not out in the wild and the other rumored Surface devices are tipped to get the current processor.

Is a new Surface Studio in the cards? We hope so. 

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio

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Is the tech giant planning to release this rumored Microsoft Surface Gaming Laptop? Sounds great for gamers, but it’s unlikely to make an appearance.

Leaked by Prime Gaming, the technical spec sheet details everything from the dimensions to the display of the Microsoft Surface Gaming laptop. According to the spec sheet, we can expect a 16-inch (2560 x 1440) PixelSense Flow display with a 165Hz refresh rate and Dolby Vision support, all in a 14.07 x 9.65 x 0.77-inch form factor. 

Under the hood, the sheet claims we’ll see up to a 12th Gen Intel Core i7-12700H, up to an RTX 3070 Ti with 8GB GDDR6 video memory, up to 32GB of LPDDR4x RAM, and up to 2TB of storage. This is where we start to get skeptical, seeing as the latest gaming laptops are moving to LPDDR5 RAM. 

We can also expect the usual features, including Windows 11, a 1080p webcam with Windows Hello face authentication, and a magnesium and aluminum casing — just like the Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio. However, it will apparently come in Platinum and “Matt Black,” according to the sheet. Microsoft has “Matte Black” Surface Laptops (opens in new tab), so the spelling is a bit of a throw-off, too.

Prime Gaming is a leaker we haven’t come across, and there are questionable specs on the sheet that could turn out to be false, so take this all in with a pinch of salt. 

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Reckon we’ll see an update to the Microsoft Surface Duo 2? According to Windows Central, Microsoft is thinking about using the same foldable design as the current Surface Duo or switching it up to something similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 4. If the design is changed, then it’s expected to come in a different aspect ratio and thinner design.

We’ve heard murmurings of Microsoft’s scrapped Surface Duo before, which was expected to be a low-cost model with a dual-camera array and plastic exterior. Images of the device popped up on a now-deleted eBay listing, titled as a “dev unit” of the Surface Duo 2. Apparently, it was canceled in late 2021 to focus on the next Surface Duo device.

It’s likely Microsoft will take more time to work on the next Surface Duo, so we may not end up seeing it at this Surface event.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4

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Then there’s the Surface Laptop 5, which appears to be a safe bet.

Tech site WinFuture claims the next Surface Laptop will be announced in mid-October (just in time for the Surface event), and that it will be equipped with the latest 12th Gen Intel processors and up to a 1TB SSD.

This isn’t outside the realm of possibility, as Microsoft doesn’t shy away from frequently updating its Surface Laptop line. This is a laptop we’re looking forward to, as we were fans of the 13-inch Surface Laptop 4 and 15-inch Surface Laptop 4 with AMD.  

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So, what do we know about the rumored Microsoft Surface Pro 9? Well, quite a bit.

While it’s expected to sport the same design, there are more interesting changes under the hood. According to a WinFuture report, a leak revealed that the standard Surface Pro 9 models should feature Intel 12th Gen CPUs. No surprise there; tipster Roland Quant specified that it will be the Intel Core i5-1235U and Intel Core i7-1255U CPUs to be specific. They are the direct successors to the processors in the Surface Pro 8, so again no surprise, although some may have hoped to see the more powerful P-Series.

The more intriguing option is the Surface Pro 9 5G mentioned in the leak. This model will feature a customized Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3, which Microsoft will call the Microsoft SQ3. This follows the pattern we’ve seen in the last two generations of the Microsoft Surface Pro X. If this model launches as the Surface Pro 9 5G, that almost certainly marks the end of the Surface Pro X line, which we won’t shed a tear for.

Quant went on to say that the Pro 9 will come with 256GB of storage in the base model (a step up from 128GB last year) and top out at 1TB.

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And we’re kicking off! Welcome to Laptop Mag’s Microsoft Surface event live blog, where we’ll be covering everything Microsoft has in store for this year’s Surface event, along with a rundown of any last-minute leaks and rumors we spot.

In fact, we may already know what Microsoft has up its sleeve. Tipster Aggiornamenti Lumia on Twitter has teased leaked specs for Surface Laptop 5 15-inch and 13.5-inch models, along with a hint at what the expected Surface Pro 9 will have under the hood.

If the leaks are accurate, they may not be all that different from the Surface Laptop 4 and Surface Pro 8. However, the tipped specs do include 12th Gen Intel CPUs, specifically i5-1235U and Core i7-1255U processors. The Surface lineup was due for an update, so this comes as no surprise. But the main takeaway is that Microsoft could be gearing up to announce the Surface Pro 9 and Surface Laptop 5, just as we thought.

What else will Microsoft be planning to unveil? Won’t be long until we find out. 

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