Leeds Best For Charging EVs

Leeds is  the best city in the UK to charge your EV says Select Car Leasing which lists the UK cities that facilitate the most electric charging stations in their car parks. 


Leeds takes the lead as the best city for drivers of electric vehicles, with a score of 10 out of 10. Providing a number of electric charging points, NWR Leeds Station Short Stay Car Park scored 10/10 and Victoria Leeds Multi Storey Car Park scored 9.3/10


Let’s see the cities that follow…


The best UK cities for electric vehicle parking

City Overall score /10
Leeds 10/10
Edinburgh 9.1/10
London 8.2/10
Bristol 7.3/10
Glasgow 6.4/10
Birmingham 5.5/10
Nottingham 4.5/10
Leicester 3.6/10
Manchester 2.7/10
Cardiff 0.9/10
Liverpool 0.9/10
Sheffield 0/10

Edinburgh overtakes London with a score of 9.1 out of 10 for its large number of EV charging hotspots.

Those driving electric vehicles can find an abundance of charging points at NWR Edinburgh Waverley Station Long Stay Car Park which scored 10/10 and Fountain Park Entertainment Centre Car Park which scored 9.3/10.

Methodology: Taking a seedlist of UK cities and their major car parks, the best cities to park in the UK were ranked and revealed using the following criteria; the number of car parks available, the number of car park spaces, the average price for one day of parking, the number of electric charging points, semantic analysis on Google reviews

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