League of Legends MMO will probably launch and people need to stop freaking out about it

A recent tweet from Greg Street, Executive Producer of Riot Games’ MMO project set within the Runeterra universe (the League of Legends world), has caused fans and the media to panic. He claims there’s “no guarantee” that this game will ever ship, but his intent with that statement isn’t what you might think. 

Street is referring to the uncertainty of game development in general. His implication is that it’s never guaranteed that a game will make it out there, which should be clear since he specifically follows up by saying his team is “optimistic.” He goes on to say he’s been using phrases like “magnum opus,” but believes his team is largely responsible for the worlds, stories, and mechanics being crafted. Street even says this untitled MMO will be “a good final act,” and he’s “very okay” with it being the last major franchise he works on.

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