IQE adds to wafer supply chain

IQE has signed a multi-year agreement with Advanced Wireless Semiconductor Company (“AWSC”), for the supply of epiwafers for wireless applications.

 This three-year supply agreement covers epitaxial wafers spanning a range of AWSC’s wireless products, including those which enable 4G and 5G mobile handsets and WiFi products.

 The agreement provides IQE with diversification opportunities into mass market power amplifier products. IQE and AWSC will also partner in the design and development of solutions for next-generation wireless applications.

IQE has recently engaged in a number of partnerships – with imec for GaN-on-SiC technology, with SK siltron for GaN-on-SiC wafer development, with Porotech for GaN-on-SiC wafer supply, with Lumentum for photonics technology and with MCLEDI for microLED co-development.

“This strategic partnership agreement, our first with AWSC, represents IQE’s new approach to business,” says IQE CEO Americo Lemos (pictured), “AWSC and IQE are building upon our longstanding relationship to accelerate innovation by bringing new solutions to serve the growing markets of smart connected devices and automotive. We are very excited about the great opportunities ahead of us in the market.”

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