iPhone 14 battery life vs. iPhone 13 — does it last longer than its predecessor?

The iPhone 14’s battery life is one of the most important nuggets of information prospective buyers need to know before splurging on Apple’s new flagship phone line. Emergency SOS via satellite is cool and all, but what’s that battery life lookin’ like, though?

We recently revealed the battery runtime results of the iPhone 14 Pro, and it delivered a two-hour battery life drop compared to the iPhone 13 Pro. Yikes! Is the entry-level iPhone 14 in the same embarrassing boat? Kind of, but fortunately, it’s not nearly as catastrophic.

iPhone 14 battery life vs. iPhone 13
Phone Battery life
iPhone 14 9 hours and 1 minute
iPhone 13 9 hours and 40 minutes

iPhone 14 battery life

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