Google’s best Pixel feature lets you find the name of any song — here’s how

The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro come with a list of innovative features, including Photo Unblur and the upcoming Clear Calling, but they also come with one of the best Pixel perks: automatically identifying songs.

That’s right. No more typing in random misheard lyrics in Google Search to try and figure out that tune you heard on a night out a few days ago. Instead of grasping at straws to finally listen to that song that goes “woo!”, your Pixel phone will let you know the name of the song and the artist it’s by as soon as it plays — right on the lock screen.

Thanks to Now Playing, your Pixel will even list a history of songs and the time and date it was heard, meaning all you have to do is remember when you jammed to a particular tune and it will show up. Tired of the turmoil remembering songs bring? Find out how to use Now Playing on your Pixel. 

How to use Now Playing on your Pixel

With Now Playing, your Pixel can identify the music you hear around you. It’s important to note that this isn’t available on the first Pixel (2016); only the Pixel 4 and later have music search, which allows users to search for a song if the phone can’t identify it.

This does mean your Pixel device is essentially “always listening,” which is a privacy concern for some. However, Google makes it clear that it recognizes music using a song database stored on your Pixel phone. The automatic recognition process never sends audio or background conversations to Google, as it uses “privacy-preserving analytics.”  

In any case, follow these steps to start knowing every song as soon as they’re played. 

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  • On your Pixel device, open the App Drawer and navigate to Settings.
  • Scroll down to Sound and vibration
  • Tap on Now Playing.
  • In this menu, toggle the switch next to Identify songs playing nearby.

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