General purpose 6axis inertial unit aimed at lower cost applications

“For example, BMI323 already includes Bosch Sensortec’s plug-and-play step counter software, so customers don’t need to spend time developing their own algorithms”, according to the company. “Other features include motion detection that can turn sub-systems on or off when a device, such as a TV remote control, is put down or picked up.”

Inside is a 16bit tri-axial rate gyroscope, a 16bit tri-axial accelerometer and a 16bit digital temperature sensor, all within a 14pad 2.5 x 3 x 0.83mm LGA package that is pin to pin compatible with the earlier BMI160. “Compared to the BMI160, BMI323 provides improved accelerometer performance as well as lower power consumption – in high-performance mode using both gyroscope and accelerometer, consumption is 790µA compared to 925µA on the BMI160.”

Bosch accelerometer gyro BMI323 646Its multi-function serial interface can implement SPI (10MHz 3 or 4wire), I2C (1MHz) or I3C (12.5MHz) – the latter a first for Bosch on an IMU. The IO supply can vary across 1.08 to 3.63V, while the measurement core independently needs a supply between 1.71 and 3.63V.

The accelerometers can be configured for a choice of ±2, ±4, ±8, ±16g range, and the gyros for ±125, ±250, ±500, ±1000 or ±2000°/s. The thermometer works over −41 to +87°C (operation is over -40 +85°C).

Accelerometer sensitivity accuracy is ±0.5% (±0.005%/°C) and offset is ±50mg (±0.3mg/°C). Gyro sensitivity accuracy is ±0.7% after calibration (±0.02%/°C) and offset is ±1°/s (±0.04°/s/°C). Most of these figures are over-life after soldering.

Sampling can be set between ~0.8Hz and 6.4kHz, and there is programmable low-pass filtering plus a 2kbyte on-chip FIFO buffer for data  and time-stamps.

In fast-start mode, accelerometers and gyroscopes are working in 2.5ms.

Automated features include: motion detection, step detection, step counter, orientation (and flat) detection, and single, double and triple tap detection.

Applications foreseen include notebooks or tablet booting, waking toys, game controllers, fitness trackers, smartwatches and remote controls.

The BMI323 product page can be found here

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