FlipHTML5 Supports Making a Digital Employee Handbook to Help Onboarding

FlipHTML5 introduces a digital publishing platform that makes it possible to create a digital employee handbook online easily. 

Employers need a mechanism to make staff manuals that can be shared online and readily updated as more workers choose remote work. The solution is a digital employee handbook. FlipHTML5 lets employers quickly and easily develop and update digital employee handbooks. The digital publishing platform will convert a file (PDF, PPT, Word) or images uploaded by the user into an interactive page-flipping book. Users can distribute the book using its unique QR code or URL.

FlipHTML5 has a simple yet powerful online editor that makes creating a digital employee handbook effortless. Employers can enhance their digital handbook content with movies, audio clips, photos, hotspots, links, and more dynamic elements to vividly showcase additional onboarding materials. Moreover, it allows employers to change the text’s typeface, alter the toolbar color, upload the company logo, customize the sharing link, etc., to make the handbook much more trustworthy and professional.

Secure distribution is a perk for users that use FlipHTML5 to produce digital publications. New hires can access the digital employee handbook with a password-protected link during the onboarding process. The platform eliminates the hassles of large attachments, printing without authorization, public sharing, and downloading. A seamless reading experience and confidential material are promised to readers. 

With FlipHTML5, updating a digital employee handbook is straightforward. Employers are free to change the wording, add more information, and save the edits to publish it again. They will waste no more time or money on document maintenance because all edits will immediately reload at the same URL.

The navigation is another advantage of utilizing FlipHTML5 to make a digital employee handbook. Employers can make it easier for new hires to read and find information inside dense material. A table of contents can be added to allow employees to go directly to the section they want. Employees are quickly taken to the desired page using a thumbnail as navigation. The search bar makes the staff handbook searchable, thus making it straightforward for readers to discover the information they require.

“With its hassle-free sharing ways, you are free to edit the digital employee handbook, and your employees can access it anytime and anywhere, which is conducive to efficient communication and business management,” says Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5.

To learn more about the advantages of the digital employee handbook, please FlipHTML5.

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