DJI’s new phone gimbal adds Quick Launch for iPhone — shoot smoother video in seconds

DJI just announced a new addition to its lineup of phone gimbals, the Osmo Mobile 6. Like previous models, the Osmo 6 is designed to stabilize the videos and photos you take with your smartphone. You may be wondering why that’s necessary for phones like the iPhone 14 that offer built-in stabilization, but the Osmo Mobile can do quite a bit more. 

The Osmo 6 features a new wheel control that makes zooming and focusing easy and also comes with a status panel to show the gimbal’s battery life. The compact (10.8 x 4.3 x 3.8 inches) and foldable design is easy to stick in a backpack or even a pocket. The Osmo Mobile 6 features a quick-release magnetic phone clamp, which makes attaching your device quick and hassle-free, without having to remove your phone case.

(Image credit: DJI)

DJI’s Osmo Mobile 6 arrives with a couple of new features that help you access the gimbals feature set and the information you need while filming quickly. The new side wheel located on the gimbal’s handle allows users to zoom in and out while also offering manual focus control. The Osmo’s status panel reveals the amount of battery life the gimbal has remaining and uses illuminated icons to alert users which gimbal mode the Osmo Mobile 6 is using. The four available modes are: follow, tilt lock, FPV, and “SpinShot.” You can switch between them using the M button.

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