Connected sensor eval kits from Infineon

Infineon will be revealing two internet-connected sensor evaluation kits at the Electronica exhibition in Munich, one for 60GHz radar and one for CO2 sensing.

The company has made the sensor board part of these kits compatible with AdaFruit’s ‘Wing’ format which plugs into processor boards with AdaFruit’s ‘Feather’ pin layout.

Infineon appears to have adopted the Wing format for a planned series of ‘CSK’-branded IoT sensor evaluation boards – Electronics Weekly has sought clarification on this – which will plug into the same Feather-layout compatible ‘Rapid IoT connect developer’ board (underneath in both photos) that includes a PSoC 6 dual core microcontroller with Wi-Fi (2.4 + 5GHz) and Bluetooth 5.0. Security is provided by one of the company’s ‘Optiga Trust M’ ICs for “secure cloud device onboarding and management”, it said.

These will be accompanied by software called the ModusToolbox for code examples and libraries.

KIT CSK BGT60TR13C is the 60Ghz radar kit is intended to be used to evaluate use cases such as presence detection and entrance counting.

It is not clear if this order number includes the PSoC 6 board – Electronics Weekly has asked, so watch this space.


Infineon CSK_PASCO2 CO2 sensor dev kit 610 KIT CSK PASCO2 is the CO2 sensor development kit.

It offers “real-time sensor evaluation with custom configurations and cloud-based sensor data visualisation” said Infineon.

In this case, it is in a stackable Wing-compatible format, allowing another Wing-style board to be staked on top, such as the above radar board.

“Combining sensors, microcontrollers and secure connectivity is one of our customers’ biggest challenges,”said Infineon v-p of sensors Laurent Remont. “Therefore we have developed the CSK for rapid prototyping of connected IoT sensors – the CSK combines software and hardware”.

‘Infineon sensor cloud dashboard’ is an associated user interface back-end for Amazon’s AWS. “The kit is qualified in the AWS Partner Device Catalog with environmental sensor variants,” said Infineon.

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