Artificial Intelligence Is Everywhere

The advent of AI is taking the world by storm. AI is playing a significant role in the ongoing Technical Transformation around the globe. However this field of AI is not only replacing jobs but also creating a remarkable amount of roles and positions. This is why it’s high time for professionals to equip themselves with the right technical skills, like AI and machine learning to future proof their careers and flourish in their professional journey.

The application of Artificial Intelligence has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. And it would not be wrong to say that AI is going to rule the future.

As per a report by PWC, more than a whopping 80 million jobs will be replaced by AI. However, there’s another interesting fact simultaneously that you should know before you freak out.

The World Economic Forum estimates that 97M+ jobs will also be created by the year 2025 because of the widespread emergence of AI technology. Hence, businesses are in dire need to roll up their sleeves and be an active part of this massive Technical Transformation.

LearNow provides a range of Technical Training Programs including AI and machine learning, thus providing an excellent opportunity for businesses to upskill and upgrade their workforce. As per a report by, experts believe that AI will take over 16% of current jobs within the next 10 years, but they have also ensured that a new era of job opportunities will arise.

This is the right time to leverage this opportunity for businesses and professionals. They must develop a strong foundation and knowledge of AI to future-proof their sustenance in the market and stay relevant to the upcoming times.

The Prevalence Of AI

AI is employed everywhere, including on game consoles and in the workplace to simplify intricate material. Scientists and computer engineers are putting a lot of effort into teaching devices to think and react in real-time settings in order to express human-like behavior.

The early phases of corporate use of AI are now in transition from being only a research issue.

Tech behemoths like Google and Facebook have a lot riding on AI and ML, and they already incorporate it into their businesses. However, this is only the start; over the coming several years, we could observe AI gradually blending into more and more products.

The Roots Of AI

The idea of AI has been around since the 1940s, although John McCarthy first used the phrase “artificial intelligence” in 1956. Owing to the people like the extraordinary Alan Turing, it turned into an awakening in the 1950s.

But the notion of AIs equipped with comparable human intellect precedes this by a wide margin; in fact, it reaches back to ancient times. It’s actually astounding to look back and realize how many things that were once only thoughts, abstract notions conceived by philosophers thousands of years ago, are now becoming real for us to witness.

We are really fortunate to live in a period where these concepts—which were earlier only fantasies are realized and learned with the help of several Technical Training Programs.

So, even though it was always considered a potential, AI technology didn’t really manifest until the 1980s, when expert systems became widely used. At present AI does many tasks ranging from driving cars, diagnosing illnesses, advising you on how to better your supply chain, defeating you in a game of chess, and even recognizing your face.

A startling turning point in human history has been achieved, when AI is now almost inseparable from daily life.

What Future Prospects Does AI Hold?

While there is still much to learn about the possibilities of AI and ML, we have made significant progress. Machine learning and artificial intelligence is gradually gaining huge momentum and will play an ever-more-important role in our daily lives.

The raving prevalence of AI only serves to strengthen our stance.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is predicted to entirely surpass human intellect by the year 2045, which is one of the most fascinating technological facts concerning AI. At that point, numerous businesses will begin to be entirely automated by AI.

However, AI will also simultaneously create almost 2 million new jobs.

Job titles including “AI business development manager,” “data detective,” and “fitness commitment counselor” are mentioned by experts. Deep learning and machine learning will enable firms to spare more time for more significant and vital duties.

As opposed to the pessimistic predictions you might read, this view of our shared future with AI and the ongoing Technical Transformation is more optimistic. Since getting inundated with incorrect information on AI isn’t that difficult, accurate knowledge on the topic is also urgently needed.

Some Prospective Jobs In The Field Of AI

Several skill sets necessitate competency if you wish to pursue a career in artificial intelligence. These skills need extensive Technical Training to master them.

Knowledge of those skills in demand will help you nail the job you desire as there are many different career opportunities in AI. However, all of the areas in AI have a common thing. 

They all need a significant amount of competency in math and science-related subjects.

Some popular AI skills that you must possess are:

  • Statistics and Linear Algebra
  • Neural Network Architectures
  • Knowledge Of Programing Languages Such As Python, Java, Etc.
  • Signal Processing Techniques

1.     Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineers, one of the most in-demand positions in AI, are required to have excellent software abilities, the ability to use predictive models, and the ability to use natural language processing while dealing with enormous data sets. The average salary of a machine learning engineer is $121,106 as per Glassdoor.

2.     Robotics Scientist

Jobs can be automated by robots, but in order for them to operate properly, programmers must work in the background. Robotics is employed in many different disciplines of research, including security, healthcare, and space research.

The average salary of a robotics scientist is around $83,241 according to Glassdoor.

3.     Data Scientist

In order to get insights beyond those provided by statistical analysis, data scientists gather, evaluate, and interpret vast volumes of data utilizing machine learning and predictive analytics. The average remuneration of a data scientist is around $117,345 as per Glassdoor.

4.     Business Intelligence Developer

This profession has great demand. The main responsibility of a business intelligence developer is to examine intricate data and search for the current market and company trends to boost the organization’s profitability and efficiency.

The average package of a business intelligence officer is around $90,430 as per Glassdoor.

However, to land any of these jobs, it’s imperative to have the right technical skillsets and competencies which can be obtained from ideal Technical Training.

The employment prospects created by the development of artificial intelligence will only expand as technology advances. AI is everywhere and is here to stay.

True that AI is estimated to replace human intelligence but on the contrary, it will also generate more jobs than it will kill, according to Gartner experts. However, in order to meet the demands of the business, each position and role necessitates proper education and the right Technical Training, certification, and guidance.

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