Apple may launch a $99 pair of “AirPods Lite” soon, but will they be compromised?

Have you ever thought AirPods were too expensive? Apple knows, as it’s being reported, that a $99 pair of AirPods is in the works for a release in 2024.

In a series of tweets by Apple Supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, she claims that all the new AirPods models will be launching in the 2nd half of 2024 and early 2025 — including new AirPods Max and these new sub-$100 earbuds. Let’s focus on the latter for a while.

Predicting the $99 AirPods

(Image credit: Alex Bracetti/Future)

Now it’s time for the exciting part — some guesswork. What will these new cheaper AirPods be like? All we can do is take a look at the current cheapest (the $129 AirPods 2nd Gen) and see what corners can be cut.

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