5 Successful Ways to Boost Reader Engagement

Reader Engagement is an undebated requirement for long-term success.

Engaged users are more likely to believe what the publishing brand has to say and share it with others. They visit your website, download your app, sign up for your newsletter, and better yet, MIGHT EVEN SUBSCRIBE.

We gathered a list of possible strategies you could use immediately.

1. Nurture Engagement With High-Value Content

Know thyself. If you know what your brand stands for, then you know what your readers expect from you. Whether it is deep investigative journalism, local/regional/international coverage of events, sports news, or even tabloid. You know what your brand is all about. Focus on this. That is your high value content.

If you are not sure how to measure, use free tools like Google Analytics, or low-cost ones like Chartbeat for real time analytics and Magnet Smart Analytics for in-depth analysis of content ROI.

2. One-on-one Engagement with your readers

One key way to engage your audience is through dialogue. Talk back to them and ask questions if they leave a comment or reply to one of your posts in order to show that you are listening and paying attention. You can do that also on popular Social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok.

3. Allow readers to track what they have read

Allowing readers to track what they have and haven’t read is essential because it allows them to quickly consume your content while still having a clear idea of what other stories are available on the website. The goal here is to put aside any thought or consideration that might slow down reading – or even worse, discourage the person from going back onto the website again at all.

Individuals may check the website numerous times a day and never lose sight of where they are with these signs in place. This can be achieved in many ways including Magnet Personalization tools.

4. USE A.I. to automate time-consuming tasks, help your editors to focus

Magnet is for example an A.I. solution for publishers. It helps you by shaping traffic to high-value content, increasing pages and videos consumed per session, sending personalized newsletters, and more.

Some key features are:

Topic Pages are web pages that list all of the content you’ve previously written about. For example, a page specific to Johnny Depp, Steve Jobs, and so on. Artificially Intelligent algorithms that recognize topics and rate their value in context can be used to easily automate the creation of such pages. This reflects greatly on SEO.

Using powerful NLP technology, Magnet automatically surfaces articles related to the content your readers are consuming. No tags, zero time to publish, happy editorial team 🙂

  • Personalized Newsletters:

Newsletters are an excellent way to acquire loyal readers and generate new viewers every day. Utilizing AI, Magnet keeps track of consumers’ preferences depending on their actions and customizes the ideal newsletter content for each of them.

5. Complete the story-telling experience

Let your readers have full coverage of the content they are consuming and make them engaged with the story you are telling by alerting them automatically via emails on newly published content through the Follow story feature offered by Magnet and the automation tools explained above.

Hope these tips help!

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