300mA automotive-grade LDOs are 2.9 x 2.8mm

The BUxxJA3DG-C series can accept input voltages up to 6V and outputs 1.2, 1.8, 2.5, 3.0 or 3.3V depending on version, with drop-out voltage below 370mV (except 500mV for 1.2V version, table below).

Rohm pointed out the possibility of regulating a 1.2V sensor from a 1.8V rail, and of the 3.3V version added: “output voltage noise is reduced to just 55μVrms [see graph] which is about 40% lower than similar 3.3V low-noise LDO regulators.”

OV on the enable input cuts current to 10μA max (2μA at or below +85°C). When disabled, ~40Ω is internally connected across the output pins to discharge output capacitance.

Common features are: ±2% output voltage accuracy, 37μA typical quiescent, 100nF min Cin, 0.47μF min to 47μF max Cout, -40 to +125°C operation, 1.25mm high SSOP5 packaging and AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualification.

The common data sheet can be found here

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