15 Best Painters in Frisco, TX (Perfect & Satisfying Services)

Getting your house refurbished from time to time is really important. This article will take you to the 15 best painters in Frisco, tx from whom you can get services to decorate your home. All the interior, exterior and repairment will be done if you hire the best painters Frisco. They are residential painters as well. These house painters Frisco, tx will be your first choice.

Renovate your home and give it a rich touch. You would love how your house will look. And if you are looking for the house painters, Frisco, we are here for you. You have 15 of them so choose the one which gives you high level of customer satisfaction. 

Interior & Exterior House Painters in Frisco, Texas:

Fresh Coat Painters

Fresh Coat Painters - Painters Frisco

The breadth of services offered by Fresh Coat Painters Frisco will help you make your home appear grand. The work is of premium grade. Exterior painting, interior painting, cabinet painting, ceiling painting, color consulting, decorative painting, door painting, mural painting, epoxy flooring, faux painting, garage floor coating, garage floor refinishing,  paint removal, wallpaper removal, and pressure washing are among the services they offer.

It implies that they handle everything. They may be trusted completely because they have accolades like Best of Houzz for the years 2022 and many years prior to that, as well as EPA RRP Certification. Additionally, everything is properly inspected before being wrapped to ensure complete client satisfaction. 

Address: 6160 Warren Pkwy Ste 100, Frisco, TX 75034, United States

Phone: +1 469-342-3687

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That1Painter Frisco-Plano

That1Painter Frisco-Plano

Locally owned enterprise That 1 Painter is located in Frisco-Plano, Texas. They are fully committed to their profession as home painters and are ready to go. They employ the top Frisco house painters. Customer satisfaction is ensured by responsibility and their willingness to take on any task.

They pay close attention to the client’s input while also always speaking first. A benefit in all circumstances is the fact that they provide a three-year warranty for the work they have completed.

Phone: +1 469-206-1926

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Strictly Painting and Drywall Repairs

Strictly Painting and Drywall Repair

If you’re seeking for the most best painters, Frisco’s purely painting and drywall repairs is the place to go. They will offer you top-notch painting and drywall services with a guarantee of service and courteous demeanour. The costs are reasonable and well within reach.

They are dedicated to providing you with a gratifying finish to your home by offering excellent interior and outdoor painting services. They can assist you in giving your kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms the elegant appearance you have been longing for. Check them out if you need more help or painters, Frisco. 

Address: 1659 Carrera Dr, Frisco, TX 75033, United States

Phone: +1 469-208-4139

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Rock painting & gutters

Rock painting & gutters - Painters Frisco

Rock Painting & Gutters offers expert painters in Frisco. In addition to painters, designers and technicians may also assist you give your house a new style. Inside and exterior painting, carpentry repairs, wallpaper removal, popcorn removal, sheetrock and texture repairs, interior trim replacement, gutter installation, gutter repair, and leaf guards are some of their specialties.

You have found the frisco house painters you were looking for! if you want to give your house an all-encompassing rich and enlivening appearance, Rock painting & gutters is the company for you! 

Address: 11625 Custer Rd Ste#110-160, Frisco, TX 75035, United States

Phone: +1 972-737-7625

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360º Painting

360º Painting - Painters Frisco

One of the most skilled painters, Frisco is 360º House Painters, Frisco, Tx. They offer a variety of services that can improve the appearance and comfort of your home. You can put all of your faith in them, as they won’t let you down. With the tinge of colour selections and high-end materials they use to design your dwellings, the house feels like home.

The artists are really talented and competent, and they can paint anything you ask them to. You won’t ask what’s happening? As you will be taken through the procedure at each step. The outcomes are also genuinely admirable. You won’t stop referring them to friends and family for help in the future. For more information, be sure to visit their website.

Phone: +1 469-217-6566

Five star painting

Five star painting

Everyone can choose Five Star Painting, a Frisco-based residential and commercial painter. The painters, Frisco, hold complete licences and credentials. With their superior expertise and talents, they create the ideal colour combinations to add comfort and satisfaction to a person’s house.

Some of the services they offer include interior, exterior, popcorn ceiling removal, garage floors, decks and fences, and eco-friendly painting. Every time someone sees it, the interiors and exteriors are merged to give it a rich appearance. Do check them out if you want a home to be eye-pleasing and derive huge comfort from the decor!

Phone: +1 214-494-8163

Encore Painting LLC

Encore Painting LLC

Encore Painting in Frisco makes your property appear absolutely gorgeous with their excellent professionalism and services! Through their services and promises, they provide an insurance guarantee for a variety of painting services, including interior painting, exterior painting, trim painting, fence and deck staining, glazing and faux finishing, etc.

If you want to give your home a retro feel, they also provide popcorn ceiling services. They offer highly professional and trained painters in Frisco and surrounding locations. For additional help, do check them out.

Phone: +1 972-464-7205

Wow 1 day painting

Wow 1 day painting

Interior and exterior painting are the areas of specialisation for WOW 1 DAY PAINTING, a full-service painting business. They offer expert painting in Frisco. They  also provide a residential painting company Frisco tx. Additionally, they make a point of offering smooth, effective, and precise exterior and interior painting.

It will give your rooms fresh vitality and make your interior areas pop and outside sides resonate.  They offer prompt service and reasonable costs. The entire project is fully guaranteed. After working, the job site is kept clean and orderly. So, with the kind of services they provide your home is in good hands. 

inStyle Painting and Remodeling 

inStyle Painting and Remodeling - Painters Frisco

The inStyle Painting and Remdeling company offers extremely competent and devoted frisco painters. They handle everything, including power washing and interior and exterior painting. It also offers drywall repair and cabinet refinishing services and is a residential painting company in Frisco, Texas.

If you wish to renovate a garage, they can also handle the coatings for it. They will keep you informed of everything they are doing, from planning to post-work inspection. They will also take into account your suggestions on how to accomplish your goals. Try them out if Frisco painters are accomplishing this for you, without a doubt!

Phone: +1 469-777-8447

Sugar Home Painting & Remodeling

Sugar Home Painting & Remodeling

If you’re considering house painting, Frisco, you should certainly check out Sugar Home Painting and Remodelling. They guarantee complete satisfaction with their services. Because the company is properly licenced, you have a reliable option. A new coat of paint may make a significant improvement to the interior of your home.

As a result, the services are excellent. The workers and tools are all adequately insured. Sugar Home Painting & Remodeling has more than 20 years of experience in the home painting and remodeling business and has a long list of pleased clients.

Phone: +1 972-954-1256

Next Door Painting

Next Door Painting - Painters Frisco

If you want to hire home painters in Frisco, Texas, Next Door Painting is the finest option because they have more than 26 years of experience in the industry. They are devot to their work and provide quality work for your house. The team as a whole is amiable and diligent.

Once you see it, you won’t doubt it. Working around the limitations of a running business, Next Door Painting is remarkably quick and collaborative. By providing services like exterior painting, interior painting, and bathroom painting, they completely transform the appearance of a house. It will change the overall appearance of your home. You will enjoy working with them.

Phone: +1 972-884-5283

Platinum painting of Frisco

Platinum Painting - Painters Frisco

For both indoor and outdoor painting work, Platinum Painting can provide you with the best painters in Frisco, Texas. Additionally, have A+ rating and other accolades. From the first to the last stage of the process, they will be at your side. If you use them, you’ll be pleased with the outcomes.

They employ the greatest equipment and materials while being modest enough to actually care about each and every trim, windowsill, and forgotten corner. They will work gently and with respect for your home as if it were their own. Last but not least, they keep everything tidy and organised and won’t add even a tiny bit of dust. Pay attention to best house painters,Frisco.

Phone: +1 972-372-0404

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Patch plus paint

Patch Plus Paint - Painters Frisco

One of the top-rated painting companies in Frisco is Patch Plus Paint. They offer a comprehensive range of services, including interior and exterior painting, drywall repair and installation, patchwork, and even furniture relocation. You may even ask them to do the flooring or paint the ceiling. They come as a single unit.

No matter how big or small the job, they are willing to work on it. Their experience spans both newly constructed homes and older homes that require refurbishment. They make an effort to make your painting experience productive and easily inexpensive. You must attempt their services, which begin at just $10.

Phone: +1 469-630-2378

DFW Painting

DFW Painting - Painters Frisco

A good residential painting company in Frisco, Texas, is DFW Painting, which you may choose to paint your home. DFW painting offer a variety of services, including drywall installation and repair, faux finish installations inside and out, and exterior and interior painting. They are a committed, all-inclusive painting business that serves both residential and commercial clients.

They offer fair costs to their customers, so you won’t need to haggle over any price. Another bonus is the fulfilment at work. One of the top painters, Frisco is the one in question. When looking for quality services, you may depend on them. 

Phone: +1 972-400-2319


If you want to give your home a fresh makeover, keep an eye out for these 15 local painters. Give your home the warmth it has been craving!

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